Do your tow truck drivers undergo some sort of specialized training?
Yes, our tow truck drivers go through advanced and intense training programs after completing the requirements. The drivers are put to test and get certified later on. In addition, our tow truck drivers carry on with regular training programs in order to refresh their skills and get introduced to the latest technologies and techniques in the industry.
Do your tow truck drivers need special licensing from DMV?
No, we only require our drivers to have clean driving records and proper certifications.
Is my custom-lowered car towable?
Generally speaking, all lowered cars are still towable with conventional techniques. We involve special trucks and equipment where necessary.
Are there several towing techniques?
There are a lot of towing techniques. The most common and effective technique, however, is flatbed towing. Other common methods include frame-lift towing and wheel-lift towing. In addition, there are other techniques available for classic cars, motorcycles, and large and heavy-duty vehicles.
In case my “all-wheel-drive” car needs a tow, is a flatbed truck needed?
Not really, there are other towing methods that can get the job done.
How do I know whether or not I need flatbed towing?
There are various cases whereby your vehicle required towing with the help of a flatbed tow truck. At times, 4-wheel and all-wheel drive cars need flatbed tow trucks. Flatbed trucks are also needed when your vehicle suffers great damage following an accident or if you have a punctured wheel that is on the opposite side of your drive axle, lie a punctured front wheel on a back wheel drive car. Exotic and antique rides also use flatbed tow trucks when need be.
Can vehicles with automatic transmissions get hauled with their drive wheels in contact with the ground?
Before deciding on the towing method, the situation is usually first analyzed and the most suitable towing method. However, with limited distance and speed, it is totally possible.
Is towing hard on vehicles?
In cases whereby the car is lifted by its tires, it is hauled and riding on its very own suspension, absorbing all the bumps along the road.
Why do experts recommend towing the car to a mechanic’s shop or tow yard after a road accident?
The tow bill incurred should not be paid by you only. Insurance adjusters proceed to inspect the damaged car together with the other cars that were involved in the accident sooner in order to evade the ensuing costs. And it is also a good way of avoiding the painful sight of your ruffled car outside your house.
When calling a tow truck company, what details and information are needed?
First, we provide details about your car, including the make, year, color, license plate number, and model. Try and be as detailed as possible when describing your location by mentioning, for instance, the closest landmarks or mile marker. Tell us what issues you are having with your car, like a punctured wheel, some mechanical failure, or damage following an accident. You also need to provide your contacts and where you want your vehicle towed to. All these pieces of information and details help in locating you and establishing the most suitable method of towing needed to haul your car. The information also helps in coming up with a fair quote.
What differentiates you from other Oakville towing companies?
Towing Oakville prides itself in offering fair and honest quotations as well as reliable towing services in Oakville. Unlike most towing service providers, we provide clear pricing without any hidden fees. Our thoroughly trained and experienced drivers always utilize the most suitable towing technique for your vehicle in order to reduce risks and ensure that your ride gets to its destination safely.
If someone’s vehicle is obstructing my driveway, is it possible to have it towed?
When the car obstructing your driveway is parked on the street you should give a call to the police. However, if the car is right in your driveway, call us to tow it out of your way.
What exactly is a flatbed vehicle carrier?
This is a truck with a long flatbed at the top for carrying cars. Hydraulics are utilized in moving the flatbed up and down. What makes these type of tow trucks quite simple to use is that your car can be driven up the bed or if unable to be driven, have it pulled up the ramp. In addition, these trucks help in hauling cars that are involved in a collision or have a mechanical issue.
What are winch-out services?
They refer to services that are used to pull cars stuck in areas that are not easy to access, for instance when a car is stuck in snow, mud or sand.
What should you do when involved in an accident?
1. If possible, move to somewhere that is safe.
2. Stop the car and immediately get out.
3. Immediately contact the police.
4. Collect information including the names of the driver and passenger(s), insurance information, license plate number, model and make of the car involved, location of the accident, and contact details of any eyewitnesses.
5. Use your mobile phone camera to document the scene.
6. Call your insurer.

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