Long Distance Towing

Towing Oakville can tow your car to almost every motorable destination of this great country of ours

Long Distance Towing – Get Your Car Towed for a Long Distance

Towing Oakville can tow your car to almost every motorable destination of this great country of ours. As a company, we are dedicated to providing competitively priced professional auto towing services 24/7. Our team of tow truck drivers is, therefore, always at the ready to tow your vehicle to any destination regardless of how far away it is from Oakville.

Get Your Vehicle Towed To Anywhere you Want in Canada

For more information about our long distance towing services call us at (289) 430-6172.

How we tow cars to long-distance destinations

There are two ways we can tow cars to long-distance destinations. The first way is traditional towing and the second one is flatbed towing.

In traditional towing, cars are towed with their front wheels hanging off the ground. The towing is normally done using tow dollies – small two-wheeled trailers with ramps on which vehicle front wheels rest. The trailers are hitched to a lead vehicle.

In flatbed towing, cars are driven onto sturdy heavy-duty flatbed trucks using ramps. The ramps then get pulled back onto the deck using levers. As a standard, when a car is driven on to a flatbed truck, all its wheels are normally secured to the floor of the truck to prevent it from moving during transport. Flatbed towing is regarded as the safest way to tow a car for a long distance. This is especially true for cars that have been involved in an accident and car suffer further damage if handled carelessly.

Short Distance Towing

Towing Oakville is not just a one-trick pony. In addition to our long-distance towing services, we provide several other car emergency assistance services including short distance towing. So do not hesitate to call us, even if all you want to do is to move your car down your street. Our quotes for both long-distance and short-distance auto towing services are very competitive.

Uber-like Billing

When it comes to billing, we want to be as accurate as possible. Therefore, we use technology to monitor distance covered, time taken, and then to automatically calculate the pricing. Alternatively, we can offer you a fixed price for long-distance towing. Whichever way you prefer to pay, you can trust us to get the job done.

Towing Oakville is here 24/ 7

Choose us for dependable long-distance auto towing services, professional tow truck drivers, and competitive towing prices in Oakville. Contact us at (289) 430-6172.