Electric Car Towing

We provide a special electric car towing service

Electric Car Towing Service

Do you need your electric or hybrid car towed?

So many people in Oakville are environmentalists and for this reason, they own electric cars. Others own hybrid cars. Just like other cars, hybrid and electric cars can also break down. They can also get involved in accidents. We provide a special electric car towing service for such situations. The service is for ensuring that your special car gets towed to where you want it without getting damaged.

Electric/ Hybrid Car Towing Oakville

Electric cars are normally expensive because of their special systems. To ensure that they do not get damaged, you need to work with a professional towing company like ours to get it to your favorite service shop, dealership, or any other destination. The majority of new electric cars have very little ground clearance for better aerodynamics. Therefore, to prevent them from getting damaged, they need to be towed on a special flatbed tow truck. Luckily, we have many such trucks in our company, ready to tow your hybrid or electric car to wherever you want it.

Tow your electric vehicle to the nearest charging station

An electric car can stop if it runs out of charge. If you run out of charge anywhere in Oakville, you should call us to help you out. When called to tow an electric car, we always send a special flatbed truck and a professional tow truck driver to get your car towed safely to the nearest charging station or dealership to get it checked.

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