Bus Towing

we offer safe and expert bus and RV towing services.

Towing Coaches and Buses with skilled Tow Truck Drivers

Several challenges are experienced when it comes to Bus and RV towing. The huge size of the tow vehicles makes them hard to tow without implementing specialized tools and equipment. Additionally, conducting a safe and damage-free bus and RV towing requires experience and skill. Fortunately, we can get this done for you! At Towing Oakville, we offer safe and expert bus and RV towing services.

State of the Art Tow Truck Technology

Our advanced towing fleet is specially designed to competently tow RVs, buses, as well as motor homes. In addition, we also provide emergency bus and RV towing services that are available 24/7. Here are some of the benefits of allowing us to fulfill your bus and RV towing requirements

Emergency Bus, RV, Motor home, and Coach Towing

In case you are enjoying a road trip in your RV or motorhome and your vehicle breaks down suddenly, do not fuss! Contact the professionals at Towing Oakville. We safely and professionally transport RVs and buses that require emergency service. We have a massive convoy of two trucks that are ever on standby whenever you are need of a tow. And it doesn’t matter the type of vehicle you have; motorhome, wheel camper, RV, or trailer, we get the job done.

Bus Battery and Generator Boost Services

The service person that we sent is going to try and boost your vehicle’s battery to get it started

Bus Puncture Services

 The punctured tire is replaced with your mounted and inflated spare. In case you do not have a spare wheel, your vehicle gets towed to a repair facility that is nearby or as per your towing restrictions.

Mechanical adjustments

Minor or temporary adjustments might be done to your vehicle in an effort to get it functioning safely on its own.

Fuel Delivery

In case your gas unexpectedly runs out, we deliver emergency fuel to help you get to the closest service station. If you have any specific fuel brand or perhaps octane ratings, just let us know. And if we cannot provide the fuel, we instead offer to tow your car to the nearest filling station. Just ensure that you properly communicate the type of fuel you want delivered; diesel or gasoline.

RV Key and Lockout Service

If you accidentally or unknowingly lock your keys inside your vehicle, we sent service to unlock your vehicle. In cases whereby the vehicle involved can’t be unlocked, we offer towing services as per Towing Oakville’s provisions.

Extrication services

In case your vehicle gets stuck but is still safely reachable from a well-traveled or established road, your towing driver extricates it. If necessary, our extrication technician could call for a second tow truck to aid at the scene.

Long Distance Towing Services

In case the service person is not capable of resolving the mechanical issues right at the scene, we offer towing to any repair facility that you choose. Heavy-duty recoveries, as well as car carriers, are also available.

Warranty and Insurance Towing Coverage Service

You can opt to submit the incurred towing expenditures perhaps as a result of an accident to your motor insurance firm as damage claim. You can, similarly, submit the incurred towing expenditures to your vehicle’s warrantor should the expenses be as an outcome of failure of some warranty repairs.

Towing Oakville is here 24/ 7

Are you on holiday and in need of a roadside service? Or does your coach or bus need towing? Contact skilled and experienced heavy-duty towing professionals at (289) 430-6172.