Heavy Duty Towing

If you ever find yourself with a big vehicle broken down somewhere on Oakville’s roads, you should call us immediately for we have the tow trucks powerful enough to tow them for you

We can tow heavy-duty vehicles in Oakville

Considering how long most semi-trucks and buses put on every year, they inevitably break down after some time. Other heavy-duty vehicles also break down frequently in this city.  If you ever find yourself with a big vehicle broken down somewhere on Oakville’s roads, you should call us immediately for we have the tow trucks powerful enough to tow them for you. So don’t let any minor problem stop your truck from delivering goods. Do the necessary and call us for immediate emergency assistance.

Understanding heavy-duty towing

Our heavy-duty trucks are big and powerful. They are also equipped with the equipment required for recovery and winching vehicles out of tight situations. So even if your truck, bus, or any other vehicle has been involved in a crash or is stuck in a ditch, our trucks have the power and the right equipment to get them out and to tow them to whatever destination you want.

Our heavy-duty towing is almost always damage-free. This is because of two things. First, our trucks have got the equipment to ensure damage-free towing. And second, our tow truck drivers are experienced professionals. They can tow your truck to wherever you want it without doing it any damage.

Examples of heavy vehicles we can tow

Towing Oakville has got powerful and heavy trucks that can tow the following types of vehicles without breaking a sweat:

  • Semi-truck decking
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Garbage trucks, cement trucks, and dump trucks
  • 5th-wheel trailers
  • Pine-hook trailers
  • Semi-tractor trailers
  • Commercial buses and school buses

In addition to heavy-duty vehicles, we also have the capacity to carry large and heavy stationary equipment e.g. construction cranes, generators, and so on using our powerful flatbed tow trucks.

Best Heavy Duty Towing Service

Towing Oakville has got the best heavy duty towing service. This is because the company has got powerful heavy duty towing trucks, professional and reliable tow truck drivers, one of the fastest response times in the Oakville auto towing industry, a friendly customer care team, and some of the most competitive heavy duty towing prices.

Competitive Pricing for heavy towing

Our heavy-duty towing prices are some of the most affordable ones despite the fact that we always deploy advanced towing trucks and equipment, and experienced tow truck operators who do their thing professionally and safely. Over the many years, we have been in operation, we have helped to tow many kinds of heavy-duty vehicles including motor homes, cranes, concrete mixers, buses, coaches, big rigs, and transport trailers. Hence you can trust us to safely tow your heavy vehicle to your destination of choice without having to worry about the cost.

The type of vehicles we use for heavy-duty towing

The machines we use for heavy-duty towing include heavy wreckers, emergency vehicles, and rigs. In case, you have cargo on the truck you want us to tow, we can transload it and take it to wherever you want us to before towing your truck safely to wherever you want it to go.

Trust our rigorously trained tow truck operators

Our tow truck operators are rigorously trained. They also have plenty of experience in towing different types of heavy-duty vehicles and transporting heavy stationary equipment. As one of the leading auto towing companies in Oakville, we are very proud of them and the positive reviews we have gotten from customers because of them. You too can be made happy and satisfied when you work with them.

Towing Oakville is here 24/ 7

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