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Availability of Tow Trucks in Oakville

Individuals used to tow vehicles even before the existence of tow trucks. In the past, people made use of huge animals to pull out broken down cars from snow or mud. And if the animals were not successful in pulling out the cars, those rides simply wounded up abandoned! Tow trucks used in picking up broken down or wrecked cars varies depending on the accident’s nature and the type of car. For instance, if your car is left on the roadside can still get wheeled away, Towing Oakville might employ a wheel lift or integrated trucks to haul the truck. If your car, however, gets trapped in a hole, then a boom truck is what might be used to get it out. Flatbed tow trucks are often implanted in hauling away cars in both scenarios.

History of Tow Trucks

The very first tow truck was invented by a mechanic called Ernest Holmes, Sr. following a really difficult and demanding roadside recovery of his car. The International Towing Museum situated at Chattanooga, Tennessee, Holmes’ hometown, displays image histories together with restored antique equipment and wreckers.

Biggest Tow Truck in History

Canada is the home to the biggest tow truck in history. Created by NRC industries situated in Quebec, the giant machine is valued at $1,000,000 and it features a fixed and durable crane connected to its back.

At Towing Oakville we provide a variety of towing services to its clients and a broad range of tow trucks are needed to get the jobs done. Below is more information and details regarding the tow trucks available in the city of Oakville.

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