Car Winching

The best way to remove stuck cars is to winch them out

Get Your Car Unstuck

Is your car stuck in a ditch? Call Towing Oakville now at (289) 430-6172 to get it removed. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Expected snowfall can get you stuck. So can wet send or an unseen ditch. Regardless of how you got stuck, you can rely on us to quickly get your car unstuck so that you can continue with your day.

The best way to remove stuck cars is to winch them out. Our tow trucks are well-equipped with strong winches with the capacity to winch out both regular cars and heavy vehicles. So it does not matter if your car is stuck in the woods, the beach, the snow, or a ditch, we can get it out quickly by winching.

Your Car Tires Spinning Furiously?

Your car tires spinning furiously in the snow, sand, or mud? No problem, Towing Oakville can get you out of your predicament. We’ve got a fast and dependable winching service that can help you out of your situation.

Hard to access roadside area? No problem, ask for our winching service

There are some accidents or situations where a car gets in a roadside position that is difficult for normal tow trucks to access. For such situations, you should not hesitate to contact us. When contacted by clients for winching services, we normally dispatch a special winching truck ASAP to the scene. When the truck arrives, the winch system is attached to the car and it is slowly and carefully pulled out.

Don’t let Oakville Fine You

In this town, leaving your vehicle on the roadside could result in unwanted consequences such as a fine, a ticket, costly towing by the town, or demerit points. It could also further result in increased insurance rates. Therefore, if your car is stuck on the roadside, do not risk anything. Call Towing Oakville immediately for immediate roadside assistance. 

Our Winching Service

A winching service is a specialized service. It involves the use of a special truck with winching equipment to tow or pull out a stuck car. Do not hesitate to contact us for our winching services. This is because ours is always done by trained and professional tow truck drivers, which means that it is very unlikely that it could result in damage to your car.

When you contact us for a winching recovery, make sure you tell our dispatcher about the exact problem that requires winching, where it happened, and the road conditions. Telling the dispatcher everything allows them to organize for the right tow truck with the right winching equipment to be sent your way.

Towing Oakville is here 24/ 7

Call Towing Oakville at (289) 430-6172.  now for emergency winching recovery. We are available 24/7.